Summer 2021

ConFinement 2.5

June 25-27, 2021

Mt. Juliet, TN

Schedule & Attractions


Summer 2021 Schedule is live. As with any schedule, it is subject to change.


We have tabletop space for art, and artists are welcome to bring easels, gridwall, or other vertical displays. Sales encouraged!


aka Wallet Emptying Services:

VENDING SPACE IS STILL AVAILABLE. Attendance is small but dedicated. Our returning vendors have been quite pleased with the response.


Gaming will be ad-hoc but space is available and set aside in the main areas for the purpose.



  • Brena Bock
  • Marina Fontaine
  • Amie Gibbons
  • Rob Howell
  • Stephanie Osborn
  • Rob Reed
  • Jessica Schlenker
  • Lydia Sherrer
  • Wendy Teller
  • Mark Wandrey
  • Rich Weyand
  • Michael Z. Williamson


  • Toni Weisskopf
  • Michael Z. Williamson
  • Rob Howell
  • Jessica Schlenker


  • Stephanie Osborn
  • Jessica Schlenker

The Details


As of April 1, 2021, memberships are $45 per attendee, and kids under 8 are free.

Memberships can be ordered below, with the T-shirt orders, or by using the Contact Page for payment information.

Room information:


Address: 1980 Providence Pkwy, Mount Juliet, TN 37122-6494
Phone: +1 844 631 0595

Block name:  Summer SciFi Con.

Rooms are $119 for two queens or king and sofa. Call direct. Book early. We can expand the block if we need to.


Tables in the Vendor area are available for $40 per table. Please contact convention leadership using the Contact page.

The Whys

AKA: Why this weekend, again? 

The Emergency Holographic Convention came about this time last year, when a favorite convention found themselves being unable to go on due to the hosting city’s lockdown measures. However, for some of us, the show must go on — business never stops. EHC was an emergency stopgap to fulfill some of the necessary business which would normally be attended to over that duration.

We hoped another one would not be needed ever again.

Sadly, that has not been the case, and the favorite summer convention has again found themselves unable to host in person.

Accordingly, we are hosting another summer convention. 

They are, however, “going virtual” this summer, and we have reached an agreement to work on hosting a few combined virtual panels.

To enable this, we are hosting our convention over their weekend, with their permission / blessing, to better enable those who would like to attend an in-person event.

Confinement 2.5 Shirt

T-shirt Orders

If you DO NOT intend to attend the convention, but would like the shirt shipped to you, please use  the Confinement Pre-order page from our commercial site.

If you intend to be on-site for the convention, and do not already have a membership, you can order below. The “Add to cart” buttons will open another page. Just return to this one to continue adding to the cart before checking out.  

Name on Membership - $45  
T-shirts - Standard  
T-shirts - V-neck Style  

If you need special considerations (such as color or sizes not listed) for the shirts, or prefer to pay in another method, please use the contact page to communicate with convention leadership.