Confinement V dates: March 1-3, 2024

– Information can be found here: Winter 2024 – Confinement V.


Confinement came about for two reasons.

First, despite many conventions cancelling, there were a bunch of sci fi authors who needed to talk to our publisher and editors, and there’s no convenient way to Skype or Zoom that many people, so it was going to be in person.  And since we were all going to be together, we might as well invite the fans and make it a convention.

Second, there actually are a significant number of people who shouldn’t wear masks (even though some of them force themselves to do so), and we wanted a get together where those with limitations wouldn’t be harassed by ableist twits.

Thus, ConFinement led to the Emergency Holographic Convention, to ConFinement II. We’re now to ConFinement V, and maybe beyond. This is a small SF convention for authors and fans.  We aren’t large, but we are dedicated.

If you choose to attend, here’s what to expect:

  • Vending
  • Hospitality–our con suite has snacks, various real foods, hard and soft beverages, conversation, trinkets.
  • Gaming
  • Panels
  • Freebies and previews
  • Weather permitting, Friday range trip
  • Group dinner runs and occasional catering
  • Lots of random convo and discussion about history, publishing, writing, and in context of writing, business, law, firearms, research, science, culture.

Convention Policies:

  • If you wouldn’t be proud to show the video to your grandma, don’t do the thing.
  • Legal carry of weapons is permitted within the local laws and as long as you’re not intoxicated or stupid.
  • Don’t harass attendees, staff, or random passersby.
  • Service animals are welcome. Support animals welcome within local laws and hotel policies.  Pets who may cause disruptions, and it has happened, should be kept at home. We can assist in finding a pet friendly hotel nearby.